A Turkish Soccer Manager Didn’t Let A Silly Ban Keep Him From Watching His Team

05.16.15 4 years ago

What happens when you want to go to a game but can’t get inside the stadium? Some people would buy tickets from a scalper. Others would stay home and watch the game on TV. If you’re Turkish soccer manager Hamit Isik you order a crane and watch the game from outside the stadium.

Wondering why Isik would need a crane to watch his team? Well you see Isik is not allowed in his team’s stadium for the next nine months. And it’s for the same reasons many coaches or players are suspended or banned: an argument with the officials.

The game was very important to Isik as his team the Turkish third league Çorum Belediyespor was playing in a playoff game. They earned a scoreless draw. Isik shouldn’t feel too bad about being banished from the stadiums, as the team’s stadium was closed to fans as well due to their behavior in the last league match.

You have to hand it to Isik though for a pretty ballsy move. I, however am still partial to Bobby Valentine’s managerial sneakiness.

(Via SB Nation / Deadspin)

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