Andrea Bargnani Got Called A ‘Knucklehead’ For Taking This Stupid 3-Pointer

‘Knucklehead’ is one of the English language’s finest insults. It’s got such a specific connotation.

If you need a perfect example of knuckleheadery (knuckleheadedness? That’s probably better.) look no further than Andrea Bargnani of the New York Knicks. We join him in overtime with the Knicks up 94-92 on the Milwaukee Bucks. Bargnani gets a rebound with 15 seconds on the clock, and all he’s gotta do is burn up some time and we’re out. Hold the ball and the Bucks will foul. Instead? NOPE, THREE-POINT ATTEMPT. FROM DOWNTOWN!

Knuckleheads always thinking they’re in Double Dribble.

Man, f*ck the Knicks. F*CK THE KNICKS.