Awkward Family Morning Links

12.21.11 6 years ago

Yes, my parents were awesome. (Also, confirmation that my hairline has always been right there.)


A Golden Treasury Of Awkward/Weird/Awesome Family Holiday Photos – This would be even funnier if it didn’t remind me of a box of photos in my parents’ basement. I don’t think it’s possible to take a family photo without some level of weird/awesome. [UPROXX]

The 10 Funniest TV Episodes of 2011 – One day like 8 years from now I’m going to turn to someone and say, “hey, you know what’s an awesome show? Happy Endings.” And they’re gonna go I WAS JUST THINKING THAT. Unfortunately that means 7 more years of me thinking Happy Endings blows. [Warming Glow]

American Psycho Updated for 2011 – Incredible and appropriate. They should use this post to write the new script. [Film Drunk]

No, Robin Is Not In The Dark Knight Rises, But Here’s A Better Easter Egg – People thinking Hines Ward’s last name is a reference to Robin is lame, but that pearl necklace thing is pretty outstanding. Can’t wait to see this, no matter how critical I am/have been. [Gamma Squad]

“Mmmphgh Abiryrt Mphdgjkdhd” said Bane. “Fark” said Warners – “Get a grip” says Brandon and anyone who doesn’t need to have their hand held while watching movies. [FARK]

“X-Men With Googly Eyes” Greatly Improves Bad Covers – This is maybe the best idea a person has ever had, and I’m sad I didn’t start doing it 20 years ago. I want to be the googly eyes magnate :( [Gamma Squad]

25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions That Bring The Lulz – 25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions put lulz in a basket and made sure to bring it to this thing we’re at. It has been brought! [UPROXX]

Common Confirms Drake Diss, Pusha T Adds Fuel To The Fire – Drake just got dissed. Negaduck. [Smoking Section]

The Best Fails Of 2011 – Is “best fails” one of those Wikipedia juxtapositions? [Buzzfeed]

Best Movie Dogs of 2011: From Uggie to Skeletor, the Top 11 Canine Co-Stars of ’11 – Karate Dog better be on here somewhere. Don’t lie to me, that movie was made in 2011. [Moviefone]

The 10 Best SNL Sketches of 2011 – #1 Gilly goes to the supermarket, #2 Gilly spends eight minutes talking about the time she went to the supermarket, #3 Ladies and gentlemen, Jessie J. [Pajiba]

Seven Movie Trailers for 2012 That Look Promising – Real talk: I don’t like Lord of the Rings but the The Hobbit trailer got me amped as f**k. [Unreality]

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