Brandon McCarthy Went Out Of His Way To Show Dodger Fans What He’ll Look Like In His New Uniform

When I was a boy, I was a very dumb boy who was easily amazed. One of the things that amazed me was the phenomenon that was on display when a baseball player would get traded and Sportscenter would immediately run a picture of that player with his new team’s hat on. Did ESPN have a stockpile of pictures with Bip Roberts and other players trying on every team’s hat? This is seriously something that I thought about when I was 10.

I know now that Photohop allows talented artists to switch a player’s hat and jersey in a picture, but Brandon McCarthy is not a talented artist (his wife agrees), so his DIY attempt to show Dodger fans what he’ll look like when he takes the mound at Chavez Ravine this summer falls a bit short of the standard.

I’m gonna give McCarthy an A-for-effort for his updated Twitter profile pic, though. It may be crude, but it’s also fun. Besides, McCarthy isn’t paid to be an artist. He’s paid to drop hilarious tweets and avoid the disabled list for long enough to justify his new 4 year/$48 million contract.

Source: Hardball Talk