Carmelo Anthony Is ‘Happy’ For Jeremy Lin

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I’m not sure what my favorite part of the Jeremy Lin free agency drama has been. Perhaps it’s that the previously unheard of Harvard grad, who was sleeping on his brother’s couch before getting a second chance last season, has parlayed his brief success into a huge contract. Nah, that’s boring. Maybe it’s that the team that gave up on him before even giving him a chance had to eat crow and give him that huge payday. Nope, that’s boring, too. What about how much Knicks writer Frank Isola is kissing Knicks owner James Dolan’s ass by assaulting Lin’s character and integrity in the press? That’s fun, but it’s not my favorite part.

Is it that Carmelo Anthony broke an unwritten law within the fraternity NBA players by commenting on another player’s contract? Getting warm. Could it be that Anthony’s remarks have led to hilarious opinion pieces, such as one GQ writer calling him racist against Asians? Getting warmer. Or is it simply that, throughout this all, Anthony just doesn’t give a crap about Lin or what people say? Bingo.

And all of this was evidenced when a reporter asked Anthony his feelings about Lin’s new deal yesterday.

“Congratulations. He finally got it done. He sent me a text the other day. He finally got it done.”

BOOM, that’s BFF if I’ve ever seen it. In the video after the jump, you can see just how incredibly earnest Anthony’s response was by the way he immediately stopped smiling as he turned away from the reporters to go talk about anything else on this planet.

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