The Secret To The LA Clippers’ Success: Will Forte’s Gross Fingernails

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12.04.13 2 Comments

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As of this posting the Los Angeles Clippers are 12-6, good enough to make them 1st place in the Pacific Division. You could attribute that success to a lot of things — constant lobbing, powder blue jerseys with sleeves, HGH, flopping, whatever — but you’d be wrong. They’re good because comedian Will Forte does something horrifyingly gross at Clippers games.

Forte, star of the upcoming critical hit Nebraska (and more importantly MacGruber), stopped by Conan to tell two important Clippers stories … one about how they’ve kept him from dying in a plane crash, and one about how he sticks his bitten-off fingernails in his friend’s sweater so they’ll make three-pointers.

What he does will gross you out. What happens next will blow your mind! (I should write headlines for Upworthy. Check out the clip:)

Remind me to never sit beside Will Forte at a Clippers game. I’m gonna start picking my boogers and eating them and see if it does anything to keep Anthony Davis’s hands from falling apart.

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