The Cowboys’ Punter Completely Obliterated Andre Roberts Via This Massive Tackle

Chris Jones has a job to do for the Dallas Cowboys: crush anyone who dares return his punts.

The Cowboys’ punter got a second chance to crack some skulls after an illegial motion penalty made him kick twice from the end zone against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. Rather than watch his punt sail high in the Arlington night and let the special teams unit do its job, Jones ran after Lions return man Andre Roberts and finished the play himself.

Punting, in this case, is absolutely winning.

In the box score it goes down as a half tackle thanks to Kyle Wilbur, but we all know who made the play here. To me it even looks like Jones may have used the crown of his helmet a bit too much on Roberts there. Maybe the officials were so surprised Jones was the brick wall along the sideline they forgot to throw the flag.

If you were playing in a punters-only fantasy football league—which you absolutely should be—this would be worth five points. Plus the yardage from the 51-yard punt (1 point every 20 yards) and that’s a 7-point play from a punter that hasn’t exactly been scoring Puntasy points this season.

Every punter tackle is special, but Chris Jones really put something special together for us this holiday season. We’re so lucky to be alive.