Everyone But Les Miles Was Aware That There Was A BCS Championship Game Last Night

01.10.12 7 years ago 13 Comments

When the final BCS rankings came out and revealed which two teams would be playing for the BCS Championship, a good majority of us responded with a collective, “Aw come on, not them again!” When LSU and Alabama played on Nov. 5, we witnessed a 9-6 overtime festival of snores. Last night, when they met again in the BCS Championship game… well, at least one of them scored a touchdown this time.
Make no mistake, Alabama put on a heck of a show, dismantling the nation’s top team to the tune of 21-0. I remember hearing one of the commentators say that this was the first time that the No. 1-ranked team had ever been blanked in a championship game, but I was also busy trying to convince the bartender to put on a hockey game so we could watch something more exciting.
I’ll give LSU coach Les Miles some credit, though. It is pretty ballsy to play in a National Championship game without a quarterback while running a sorority flag football offense. I’m sure Nick Saban appreciated it, too.

(Images via the AP.)
Honestly, I’d like to party with this guy.
Please don’t spike it.
That’s a pretty novel way to order beers.
Great game, guy whose name I can never remember.
I’m going to pretend he’s rapping a song from Disorderlies.
You bet your asses I’m turning this guy into a meme.
These guys were great in 300.
“Tell everyone back at LSU that I said hey.”
I was right there with you guys.
This picture is very funny to me, especially because I can’t get this song out of my head.
Thanks a lot, LSU.

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