Florida Gulf Coast Apologized To The Florida Gators For Their Super Mean Chant

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Part of the charm of the mostly unknown Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles becoming the first No. 15 seed to ever advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament is that these kids just don’t give a f*ck. They’ve been largely celebrated – and occasionally lambasted – for their overzealous celebrations, and the truth is that these kids deserve to be excited and dance around like a-holes, because they’re the only people who ever thought they could get to this point.

Now, as the people of Ft. Myers and surrounding communities have rallied around the Eagles, and the rest of the nation encourages them to keep winning through SportsNation polls, the Eagles are sadly finally apologizing for one aspect of their celebration. Well, at least FGCU’s student government is apologizing after a “F*ck the Gators” chant broke out a recent pep rally.

On behalf of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Student Body, we wanted to take a minute to send you and your students an apology for the negative reaction yesterday during our pep rally. In no manner do the words that were passed yesterday reflect upon this institution of higher education. Often times, excitement and a new experience can cause rash and hasty decisions to be made. In this moment of excitement for our young school, we hope that you will accept our expression of regret.

With that being said, we are definitely looking forward to some healthy competition in Arlington, this Friday.

What the hell is this nonsense, FGCU? Have the people in the school’s SGA ever been to a sporting event? Maybe they should use some activities fees to plan a trip to Duke, so they can learn that chanting mean things at college basketball arenas is a thing that happens. You don’t apologize for that behavior, not when you’re about to play the No. 3 seed Florida Gators, whose JORTS-wearing fans will spit tabacky all over you beach bums if you let them.

You don’t ever apologize, damn it. If anything, FGCU needs to hold another pep rally just so the students can chant, “We’re not sorry”.

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