Free Fantasy Baseball With FanDuel Happens Today! HURRY AND SIGN UP GO GO

04.05.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Want to be as rich as these guys? Here’s your chance!

Well, not really, but With Leather is teaming up with FanDuel to bring you a free fantasy baseball game that can win you cash money from a $1,000 prize pool AND IT STARTS IN LIKE 30 MINUTES SO IF YOU’VE BEEN LOLLYGAGGING PLEASE STOP DOING THAT AND SIGN UP TO PLAY RIGHT NOW. Baseball is happening and this is the best, easiest and most cash-productive way to enjoy it without being a monster power superstar.

How it works, one last time:

It’s a one day contest and works like you’d expect … you draft the best team you can under the salary cap and play them against the league. You can track your team’s progress through live scoring, and you get paid out at the end of the day once all games have ended. Then you look at how I’ve performed and see if you’re better than me. Then you go to my website and brag at me until I shut down With Leather completely in anger.

You read our site, and it’s about time we paid you for doing so. So head on over there post-haste and sign up, set up your team and win some impromptu money. Use it to build a stadium nicer looking than Marlins Park! Use it for lunch! Who cares, it’s yours!

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