Friday Face-Off: A Penguin Fetches A Newspaper vs. Psychotic Boyfriend In A Truck

Senior Writer
12.16.11 14 Comments

Today’s Friday Face-Off is brought to you buy Kayaking Dog, who popped up at Imgur earlier this week and quickly stole the Internet’s heart. He has nothing to do with today’s videos, but he would like to remind you that this is a weekly competition between two random videos that I’ve found while wasting my days and we highly encourage you to help us choose which one is better. Feel free to submit suggestions to, and if your submission is chosen you will win a With Leather t-shirt that all the ladies are going crazy over.

For this week’s Friday Face-Off, I thought I’d make the choice a little more difficult by playing on two of our favorite things – animals doing awesome stuff and ridiculously unbelievable violence and destruction. You know, raise the bar a bit and make us really have to think about this while we’re ignoring whatever the hell we’re supposed to be doing.

First up, a penguin. But this isn’t just any penguin. This is a penguin that has apparently been trained like a dog and that is awesome. I’m obsessed with penguins because they just seem so cool, like they should be able to talk to us and give advice. This one can fetch a newspaper, and while I can’t remember the last time I picked up a newspaper, I would totally start reading them again if penguins brought them to me.

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