Give Me All The Years Without A Championship You Have

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.05.12 10 Comments


You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of years without a championship, but what I said was: Give me all the years without a championship you have.

New Era may have just made the biggest popular culture coolness upgrade ever by following up last season’s “The Rivalry” Red Sox and Yankees campaign featuring Alec Baldwin and John “still Jim after all these years” Krasinski with a Chicago-themed rivalry between White Sox fan Craig Robinson and Cubs fan Ron freaking Swanson. Well, actor Nick Offerman I guess, but Ron Swanson.

We wrote about the story when Offerman ended up on the Internet in a Cubs hat, but here’s the first commercial in the series. It’s exponentially more entertaining than Alec Baldwin saying “Bill Buckner” and Krasinski making derp face at the camera. Check it out after the jump, with a Woman Of The Year-quality hat tip to Big League Stew.

Outstanding. All we need now is a cameo from Aziz Ansari as “Tommy Woo-Woo”.

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