The Houston Rockets Sing ‘I Have a Little Dreidel,’ I Have A Little Aneurysm

Pro Wrestling Editor

Back in November, I tasked the With Leather readers with choosing an NBA team for me to support, and the unanimous decision was the Houston Rockets. I’ve done my best to be a Rockets fan, weathering a James Harden sprained ankle and every Jeremy Lin game that wasn’t his one good one, but this clip of the team singing the Hanukkah classic, ‘I Have A Little Dreidel,’ may be a bridge too far. Is there a way to classify this anti-Semitic?

Seriously though, I know it’s all in good fun, but I think the holiday updates are getting to me. At least you guys didn’t try to make me a Mavericks fan. Here are those poor guys trying to sing ‘Sleigh Ride.’

“Trying” is the key word, here.

So … yeah, Texas basketball at Christmas is looking pretty depressing, and the Spurs are too busy wrapping packs of socks and underwear to give as gifts to record carols. Maybe I should look outside of Texas. What are the Hornets up to? I can just like them. They’re gonna be pelicans! Pelicans have no f**king idea what Christmas and Hanukkah are.

[Rockets video via Cosby Sweaters, Mavericks video via Holdout Sports]

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