Floyd Mayweather’s Defeat Of Conor McGregor Likely Secured A New PPV And Box Office Record

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Despite not selling out the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday and a wealth of technical issues that marred the pay-per-view and streaming broadcast for fans that purchased the fight for close to $100, Mayweather/McGregor is still poised to eclipse the record the boxer set with his long-awaited fight against Manny Pacquiao. There were still many empty seats in the T-Mobile arena ahead of the start of the fight, with many of the seats selling for between $2,500 and $10,000 still available for purchase. But despite that, Floyd Mayweather was still claiming that the money from the gate had broken the all-time record and pulled in $80 million.

That said, the real prize will be the PPV numbers. While the official statistics won’t be out for around a week, the scope of who could watch was guaranteed to be enormous thanks to the inclusion of UFC’s Fight Pass and other non-traditional means of viewing. According to NBC News, an expected 50 million were set to watch the fight in the United States alone. Outside of that, a potential one billion homes in 200 different countries could stream the fight. Dana White sold this point well during the ongoing promotion for the fight:

“If you are in Manhattan or you are on a desert island somewhere, if you have Wi-Fi, you can buy this fight,”

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