It’s Friday, So Here’s A Panda Wrestling Match

Would you like to watch a video of a big panda wrestling around with a little one? If I told you that the big panda pulls off a sweet German suplex (pictured, right) would you want to watch it more?

I ran the YouTube description through Google Translate, and this is what it gave me:

March 11, 2013. Beach has excellent outdoor debut.

Good beaches to chase the excellent beach.

I don’t speak Chinese, but I’m gonna guess the words for “panda” and “beach” are pretty similar. Panda has excellent outdoor debut! Good pandas to chase the excellent panda. That makes more sense, right? Because that big panda is good, but the baby panda is excellent. He also need to watch out for the big panda’s sick gutwrench.

[h/t to Daily Of The Day]