Jameis Winston Just Pulled Off One Of The Most Incredible Scrambles You’ll Ever See

Jameis Winston is not the fastest quarterback in the NFL – in fact, if you factor in age, he might be one of the slowest – but that doesn’t mean he can’t use his legs. On a third-and-10, the Chicago Bears’ pass rush completely collapsed the pocket, and Jameis got to scrambling. As he turned and retreated almost to his own end zone, you could all but hear Buccaneer fans screaming, “GET RID OF IT!” Jameis had other ideas, however.

Winston took an unbelievable twelve seconds to release the ball, but when he finally did, he hit Mike Evans over the middle for 39 yards. One more big play later, and Tampa Bay scored a touchdown. Considering how close Jameis was to a safety, that’s as quick a turn of fates as you’ll see on a football field without a turnover.