Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie Wants To Be A Ballboy Now, Or Something

08.31.15 3 years ago

There’s a reason baseball people call August (though it is mercifully ending) the “Dog Days of Summer” — it’s because it’s the fifth of six months of endless baseball, with precious few days off and many games in which nothing happens. September is the most exciting month of the year, as the playoffs draw near, but August just drags on, man. Even the players (especially the pitchers, stapled to the bullpen bench for hours of every day) need something to pass the time.

The Kansas City Royals were in Tampa Bay to take on the Rays at Tropicana Field, which is one of a handful of stadiums where the bullpen is actually just an area in foul territory. As such, ballboys are stationed in front of those in-play areas to protect the players who may not be paying attention. But Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was paying attention, and he was also bored. Cue the antics, and cue Guthrie stealing baseballs from the ballboy.

You may notice that Guthrie was tossing the balls he stole to Royals fans, which means he was depriving the home fans of their hard-earned (by sitting near the ballboy) souvenirs. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, JEREMY. At least the ballboy was cool with it:


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