Jon Jones Versus Anderson Silva And The Greatest Fight That Never Was

11.19.14 5 years ago

At UFC’s The Time Is Now press conference, some of the very top fighters (Plus Clarence Byron Dolloway, for some reason) were gathered as Dana White unveiled the 2015 fight calendar. There was supposed to be “a major announcement” but according to White, the timing didn’t work out and there was nothing to announce.

Despite the letdown, there was still plenty of opportunity for interesting moments, like the tease for a Jon Jones versus Anderson Silva super fight. The actual contest will probably never happen, especially since Jones has a full plate of potential fights and Anderson has moved into the “beat up dudes in fun fashion” stage of his career. At least we have the above picture from Dana White, as Jones and Silva apparently had a closed doors sparring session after the press conference in Las Vegas. That will probably be the closest to those two throwing down for realsies, which is okay by me, since I’m pretty sure Jones would do some terrible things to Silva.

Honestly, I’m more interested in knowing if Machida connected fully with this kick on Dana.

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