Keith Olbermann Continues To Spew Hot Fire At The NFL And Roger Goodell

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09.11.14 11 Comments

Regardless of how you feel about Keith Olbermann and his politics, something that seems to throw many people in a tizzy on sight of the man, you have to agree that he’s spot on with his coverage of the NFL and Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice investigation. Olbermann has stuck to his guns since the beginning, much like he has with the Daniel Snyder/Redskins “debate,” and hasn’t let up.

Tonight he was truly on fire following today’s revelation that the NFL had the Ray Rice tape in their possession since April. Throughout this clip, Olbermann is just poking holes through Goodell’s defenses by bringing up spygate, bringing up the Saints’ bounty scandal, and turning his own words against him.

He might seem smug and full of himself, but at least Olbermann is thorough with the point he’s trying to make. Things look bad for Roger Goodell and clips like this don’t help. Compare it to the supporters they have right now, namely Stephen A. Smith. When your biggest supporter is claiming the head of the National Organization for Women is “off her rocker,” things aren’t looking good for you in the court of public opinion.

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