Watch Kimbo Slice’s Son, Baby Slice, Knock A Guy Out In 83 Seconds

Considering his advanced age and busted up knees, there’s a definite ceiling when it comes to Kimbo Slice’s mixed martial arts career. But those problems don’t exist when discussing his son, Kevin Ferguson Jr., also known as Baby Slice.

The 23-year-old made his amateur MMA debut at 175 pounds earlier this month, knocking out the 2-0 Tom Brink in just over a minute. It’s hard to tell too much from such a short fight at this level of competition, but Baby Slice threw accurate, threw hard, and dropped his opponent with relative ease.

MMA Fighting has an in-depth profile on Ferguson Jr. and how his father was hesitant to encourage a fighting career.

“No, no, he didn’t want me to do it,” Ferguson Jr. told Chuck Mindenhall. “He wanted me to go to school, that’s why I went to college. He told me to experience college first, and then if I’m not liking it or feeling it, then fine. But he said to never have MMA as my first option, school first.”

Baby Slice has a plan to train and improve and work his way up through the amateur ranks, and knows the sky is the limit if he can bring legit skills to the cage along with his name. So far so good. His first outing certainly leaves us wanting to see more of how he develops.