Larry David Made Some Priceless Comments About Golfer Jordan Spieth Going Bald

larry david jordan spieth going bald
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Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm would not be surprised to know that Larry David is a huge golf fan, but for those who still are just fans of him through Seinfeld, A) What are you even doing with your life? and B) Larry David is a huge golf fan. Now you know, thanks to his interview with Golf Digest, published on Monday for the magazine’s comedy issue.

In a loose Q&A, David touched on many golf subjects, including his handicap (15), meeting OJ at Riviera Country Club at the worst possible time (“I saw him in the dining room the day of the murder.”), and others, but his best moment wasn’t about himself. Golf Digest, apropos of nothing, asked David, “Any thoughts on Jordan Spieth?” It sounds like a question they’d ask literally anyone who would listen, but David had a hell of an answer:

He’s going to be a bald man. He’s going to be wildly bald. This makes him way more appealing to me. It’s one thing to handle the pressure of the back nine at Augusta; let’s see how he does when he sees all that hair in the tub. That’s pressure. I’ll be watching him very carefully. He’s 22. He’s got three years, maybe four. He’s done.

First of all “wildly bald” is a phrase that should work its way into the popular lexicon. Donald Trump is a candidate for its usage. Second of all, David is far more qualified than any of us to diagnose the precursors of baldness, but we can’t fully support his enthusiasm for Spieth’s impending loss of hair. While it would be amazing to have one of the premier athletes in the country be bald, it would be considerably less fun for Jordan. Though with all the prize money he’s raked in at his age, he could afford some very good hair plugs. Biden did it, so you can too, Jordan.

(Via Golf Digest)