Leaked Logos Done Right: The New Jays

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09.22.11 3 Comments

What you see on the left is the classic logo of the Toronto Blue Jays, the one the Jays wore in 1977, the one they wore during back-to-back World Series championship wins in ’92 and ’93. What you see on the right is the club’s new logo for 2012, an image that leaked on Wednesday and follows the Miami Marlins 1970s gas station clusterf**k in a string of recent, could-be should-be logo leaks.

Just like the Marlins leak, the team won’t confirm or deny, but makes it pretty clear that they aren’t going to deny. From thestar.com:

“We won’t comment on rumours or speculation … at such a time as when we have an announcement to make, we will happily release that information,” [Jays’ spokesperson Jay] Stenhouse said Thursday.

Two things:

1. Canadian spelling of “rumors” left in for your enjoyment
2. Do you think Jay Stenhouse got the Jays spokesperson job because his name is “Jay”?

If this turns out to be their new logo, it beats the hell out of their last decade of tough guy muscular birds and italicized art deco disasters. It’s what an updated logo should be — a cleaned-up, sleek design that keeps with the times without pretending the greatest and most prosperous times in your team’s history didn’t happen. It also (hopefully) prevents the Jays marketing team from thinking “creepy looking man-birds” is what people want to see.

Because seriously:


[h/t Big League Stew and TheStar.com]

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