With Leather’s Watch This: LeBron James Is Giving Out Free Kisses To The Ladies

Oh, LeBron James, you become more and more likable each day. I guess that’s probably because now that he’s a back-to-back NBA Champion and league MVP, NBA Finals MVP, MVP of the Intergalactic Papal Army and runner-up at Miss Universe, it’s not as fun to hate the guy. It’s also because he does stuff like randomly posing for a picture for a “mature” woman, as the categories on certain sites would describe her, and then offering her a kiss on the cheek. This guy’s a rescue at a burning puppy orphanage away from a 100% approval rating.

(H/T to Deadspin)

NBA: Mavericks at Spurs – 7 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Suns at Timberwolves – 9:30 PM ET on ESPN

Is this the strangest picture that we’ll see this season? I vote yes.

NHL: Rangers at Blackhawks – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

*looks at the NHL standings for the first time in three weeks* Holy crap, the Blues are still great.

NCAA Basketball
Georgetown at Providence – 7 PM ET on FS1
Harvard at UConn – 7 PM ET on ESPNU
Kansas at Oklahoma – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
Miami at UNC – 9 PM ET on ESPN2
Texas at Oklahoma State – 9 PM ET on ESPNU

So much basketball to catch up on now that football is over. I hope I haven’t missed anything good. *Googles Jabari Parker highlights* Oh goodness.