Liverpool FC To Its Staff: ‘No Homo’

Liverpool FC doesn’t get a lot of play on With Leather unless they’re being turned into flopping scuba divers by Taiwanese animators or getting namedropped on ‘Community.’ That said, hold on to your butts, because Liverpool FC’s list of acceptable words for grown-ups is amazing.

Liverpool staffers were given a memo full of slurs to help coach them on what not to say when interacting with the public on game days. Dear lord, look at this thing:

This is a pretty solid educational tool. For example, I had no idea what a “wog” was until I googled it just now. I thought it was something from Star Wars. Also, I didn’t know “spaz” was offensive, but I guess that makes sense. Can you not refer to somebody as handicapped now? I know “handicapable” is preferable, but “handicapped” and “coon” on the same list seems weird. Furthermore, I’m going to hell for laughing at “downy,” because I’ve never heard that used as a slur, and because it’s funny to imagine somebody getting fired for openly discussing fabric softener.

There are some spectacular loopholes, though. YOu can’t say “that’s gay” or “you’re gay,” but the Chang-style GAYEEEE isn’t included. “Knob-jockey” is on the list, but they say nothing of “knob-gobbler.”

The statement:

“As part of the club’s continued commitment to tackle all forms of discrimination, as well as promoting its approach to equality and diversity, Liverpool FC have been actively engaged in a full club-wide education and awareness programme,” said Rishi Jain, the club’s social inclusion officer.

The players themselves weren’t given this list, as they follow a different set of rules and standards from the Football Association.

For more on Liverpool’s policies, consult the following video:

[h/t to Daily Of The Day]