If You Missed Mayweather-McGregor Don’t Worry Les Miles’ Tweets Offer A Complete Recap

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Seemingly everyone tuned in to the Saturday night spectacle in Las Vegas that was Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. The fight broke tons of records, despite some significant issues early on with the PPV streaming servers that caused a delay to the fight’s start time, as Mayweather and McGregor put on a surprisingly entertaining show for nearly 10 rounds before the ref called a stoppage as Mayweather was ripping McGregor to shreds.

For those that weren’t among the five million that bought the PPV or the millions others that found other streaming options, have no fear, the greatest boxing analyst of the modern era has your back because he live-tweeted the whole thing: Former LSU head football coach Les Miles.

Miles hopped on Twitter and, despite being a relative novice to the whole thing, got the hang of it pretty quickly firing off strong takes and round-by-round scoring and analysis of the fight. The former LSU coach let us know he was going to be watching and tweeting along with us with a bizarre tweet that requires a translator to figure out everything he’s trying to say, but from there he gave us his thoughts on what was transpiring.

That’s some serious coach speak. Alright, Les, thoughts on that first round?

Alright, how about Round 2 and Floyd’s strategy, Coach?

Round 3, and Miles has McGregor rolling.

Talk about that length, Les.

Maybe the “roper dope” was the right strategy after all. Conor needs to enter that old LSU conditioning program. He’s gassed and we’re not even at halftime. Les also doesn’t like his lateral quickness.

Round 6 and the tide is turning.

By Round 7 it’s all Floyd on Miles’ card.

He is fascinated by Conor’s unorthodox movement, but knows McGregor has no chance to finish Mayweather.

Prediction time, McGregor is in real trouble and will go down soon.

Put Les in someone’s corner, he was born for this.

That’s a wrap. Final thoughts, Les?

Someone put Les Miles in a boxing broadcast booth and let the man work. He’s ready.