Here’s U.S. Open Champ Novak Djokovic Blasting A Wicked Serve At Stephen Colbert

While everybody was focused on the female U.S. Open matches to see if Serena Williams could complete a calendar Grand Slam, less fanfare was given to Novak Djokovic winning his match-up. Well, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert invited Djokovic for a bit of a treat. Apparently winning the U.S. Open also gave Djokovic the right to serve a tennis ball right at Colbert live on the stage. And because he’s a wuss who can’t take a 100+ mph ball to the body, Colbert decided to get protection from the serve with his spare Captain America shield.

Seems like Vibranium also holds up against tennis serves. Good to know for when Captain America runs up against his next tennis themed villain. When Marvel has officially run out of ideas.

(Via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)