Pittsburgh Caught Dallas Off Guard By Executing A Perfect Fake Spike For A Touchdown

The Pittsburgh Steelers executed a perfect drive with just over a minute left while down by five to the Cowboys. It ended with a fake spike that caught Dallas standing around while Ben Roethlisberger threw a perfect ball to Antonio Brown in the end zone to take a one-point lead. While they could not pull off the two-point conversion, this was so impressive that it still needs to be applauded.

Faced with a first down at the Dallas 15 with 45 seconds left and only one timeout, the Steelers looked to get up to the line to spike the ball and get a new play called in after a big gain. With Dallas defenders clearly taking this as a chance to catch a breath, Brown ran straight past his man to catch a soft pass into the corner and put the Steelers back in the lead.

And of course, he celebrated with his own version of the Mannequin Challenge, just to put the icing on the cake.

It was such a perfectly executed fake between two longtime teammates who clearly knew exactly what the other was thinking. In fact, in a game that had a number of lead changes, the only fault with the play was that it left too much time on the clock for Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys.