Dave Chappelle’s Episode Of SNL Featured A Sneaky Allen Iverson ‘Practice’ Homage

11.14.16 1 year ago 6 Comments

Saturday Night Live, the NBC sketch comedy show that gave 90 minutes of time to humanize Donald Trump last year in an attempt to cling to its last remaining straws of relevance, aired a new episode Saturday. You may recall it as the one where Kate McKinnon dressed up like Hillary Clinton and performed a song by a man who just died and Dave Chappelle said we should give Trump a chance.

During the rest of the show, there were other sketches, one of which involved Leslie Jones tipping her cap to Allen Iverson. The premise was the actors had to participate in a post-show press conference and answer questions about their mistakes, and Jones launched into that famous Iverson rant.

Actually, why wouldn’t the joke be rehearsals? “We’re talking about rehearsals. Not the show, rehearsals.” They should’ve done one where Bobby Moynihan asks Lorne Michaels about allowing Trump to host so Lorne could’ve done the same gag. “We’re talking about RATINGS. RATINGS. Not an election, ratings.” Then we all would’ve laughed for a few seconds before the terror of our imminent futures took hold of us again, a future helped to be made possible by the very show that was trying to make jokes about it. Anyway, please welcome A Tribe Called Quest!

(Breakfast on Bob)

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