The Huntsville Stars Have Canceled 'Second Amendment Night.' Thanks A Lot, Liberal Media

In case you missed it yesterday, the Huntsville Stars minor league team had planned a ballpark promotion called “Second Amendment Night,” featuring free admission with an NRA membership and a bunch of gun raffles. You know, because giving guns away at public events in Alabama and not making it clear that the event is not BYOG is an awesome idea. Besides, the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly gives us the right to have beer, guns, thick crowds and sweltering heat without having to hear lip about it.

Burnsy’s take:

… if I have to write a follow-up story on Thursday morning about how 2nd Amendment Night went awry, I’m probably going to start it with “I told you so.”

Good news, Burnsy! You won’t have to tell anybody anything, because the Stars have canceled the event. Roll damn PC Police!

The Huntsville Stars’ “Second Amendment Night” promotion, which was to have the giveaway of three weapons from a raffle this Wednesday night, has been cancelled after receiving widespread national publicity.

The promotion involved the local gun store, Larry’s Pistol and Pawn, and was to be part of the Stars’ July 4 holiday celebration.

According to Stars’ general manager Buck Rogers, “It’s in the best interest of baseball.” (via

Of course, the Stars didn’t want to cancel it, Obama just showed up out of nowhere, broke into their stadium and took their guns. Or Minor League Baseball sent them an “uhhh, this is probably a bad idea” e-mail. One or the other.

Stars GM Buck Rogers — yes, the general manager of the team holding a Second Amendment Night promotion’s name is f**king “Buck Rogers” — isn’t happy. He maintains that “it was a great idea” and that “once the news gets out of market, it gets like that telephone game,” because the only talking point more hillbilly in 2013 than “they want to take our guns” is “liberal media.” The best part of the entire story is the clarification of what Rogers means by “the news”:

The story was reported on the national sports website and spread to other sites, most of which looked at the promotion either critically or with comic comments.

Nailed it.

As one of the Other Sites, we’d like to send our condolences to Buck Rogers and his intergalactic minor league promotion planning committee. Maybe things will work out for us this time next year, when we’re living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.