‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Got Headbutted By A Fan At A Syracuse Football Game

There are no days off when you’re a superhero. Even if you’re trying to enjoy a Syracuse football game, there are always enemies out there willing to scrap.

Arrow actor Stephen Amell found this out the hard way when he got headbutted by a random fan at the Carrier Dome over the weekend. Amell said the person headbutted him “outta nowhere” and then said “I want to fight the Green Arrow.”

On Monday, Amell posted a photo and told the story in an Instagram caption.

Dude came up to me yesterday… Head Butts me hard. Outta nowhere… Then says — “I want to fight the Green Arrow.” Paused, looked at him… shook his hand and said no thank you. Because I’m a father and a husband. Pretty manly if you ask me.

Amell — who is from Toronto — is a pretty big Syracuse fan. He and his friends have visited Central New York for a Cuse game the last 13 years. He was very excited about the trip early Saturday morning.

I have no idea why Amell and friends chose an Orange football loss to NC State as their yearly pilgrimage when basketball season just started, but maybe they had to squeeze it in between Arrow‘s shooting schedule or something.

We’re not sure when exactly the attack came, but it looked like he was having a great time before the headbutt. He shared an emotional hug with Otto the Syracuse Orange and later got to pose with one of the best, most adorable mascots in college sports. Amell even got to borrow some brass from a member of the Syracuse band and play a few notes.

According to his Instagram page, the incident hasn’t made Green Arrow sour on the Orange. He’s hoping for at least 13 more trips to the Dome.

(via Syracuse.com)