Stick A Fork In The Sac Kings

Maybe I should questionmark that headline for total accuracy, but the general consensus is that the Sacramento Kings have played their last game under that moniker and will bolt for greener pastures with the blessing of the NBA.

The Maloof family, owners of the Kings, will begin presenting their case to relocate the franchise to Anaheim, Calif., at the NBA’s board of governors meeting Thursday in New York. A majority vote is needed to grant the move.[..]

About a quarter of the sold-out crowd of 17,841 stayed at Power Balance Pavilions for about an hour after the final buzzer to voice their displeasure over the Kings’ possible – and say goodbye. There were tears, hugs, chants of “SAC-RA-MENTO” and “Here We Stay!” Seven Kings players and coach Paul Westphal shook hands with the fans and addressed the adoring crowd.

–Y! Sports.

The people of Sacramento actually loved that team, and thought that the team cared about them in return. That’s cute. They probably watched the Sonics bolt Seattle and laughed to each other. That’ll never happen to us! But as long as there is money to be made and loyal middle-class folks to get screwed, NBA teams will go wherever they damn well please. You know who else uses that business model? Whores. Just sayin’.

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