The Hulk And Ant-Man Bond Over Their Love Of Coca-Cola In This Super Bowl Commercial

Entertainment Editor
02.07.16 4 Comments

No matter who you are, from a normal human, to a mild-mannered scientist who has been drenched in gamma rays, you probably enjoy a Coke now and then. And not even a whole can; a mini-Coke will do you just fine. That’s how Bruce Banner does it. But when you dare try to steal his Coke from his surprisingly un-secure lab, then you’ll have the wrath of Hulk to pay.

When you’re craving a Coke, and a tiny man steals it, drastic measures must be taken. Whether or not it’s worth the destruction of thousands of dollars worth of public and private property is the question.

Yeah… It’s probably worth it, at least if this Super Bowl-debuted spot featuring the two Marvel heroes is to be believed.

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