And Now With Further Commentary On Sexual Abuse, Here's Taiwanese Animation

There’s nothing Taiwan loves more than an American high school sex scandal. Sure, they love giving Kevin Durant lightning powers or animating Tim Tebow on the cross, but they’re at their tactless best when turning a complexly-emotional story of abuse into a video about rimjobs.

Much in the same way their Bengals cheerleader scandal video had Sarah Jones get a big “INDICTED” stamped over her vagina, Next Media Animation shares the story of Shelbyville High School cheerleading coach Megan Crafton’s sexual relationship with a 17-year old student by animating a hard-on and having Megan walk across a table in a bikini with a big sign that says CONSENT. It gets torn up, but I won’t spoil the reasons why. There’s information to be had, people.

Check out the video below. It’s worth it for the shot of her draining three-pointers and getting chased away by a ghost.

Was that Boo Berry in the prison helmet? Is Boo Berry’s new job “sexual predator punishment ghost”?