Tarell Brown Accidentally Forfeited $2 Million In Salary, Got His Own Taiwan Animation

Do you read contracts? Tell us why.

That’s how Taiwan Animation’s recap of the Tarell Brown salary gaffe ends. You know, before a panda goes down a waterslide and does a triple flip into a pool of LOL-advertising bikini girls. I know that sounds like I’m just throwing a bunch of random words into a sentence, but it’s accurate.

Anyway, if you aren’t aware of the situation, San Francisco 49ers starting cornerback Tarell Brown forfeited more money than most of us will ever make when he decided to work out at home instead of at a voluntary Niners camp in California. His contract’s escalator clause was voided and his salary instantly dropped from $2.925 million to $925,000. To illustrate this, Next Media Animation had Brown ride up a bunch of escalators, had Jim Harbaugh “make it rain” in the 49ers front office and animated the most adorably literal interpretation of Twitter ever.

Here’s the clip. Warning: It ends in a pool of LOLs.

Because of this video, I think every NFL print should have the word “dumbass” included in the fine print somewhere. Just sneak it in and see if anybody notices.