The Miami Heat Cannot Beat Children

Pro Wrestling Editor

In the thrilling sequel to LeBron James dunking on an 11-year old in a game of “Knockout”, teammate Dwyane Wade takes on a bunch of kids at D. Wade All-Star Basketball Camp at the very same game and loses the NBA Championship because he can’t sink free throws. I’m sorry, that’s an old sentence. Loses Knockout because he can’t sink free throws. Wade blocks shots, yells, and even tries to throw his ball at a child’s before losing in dramatic fashion.

Of course, LeBron’s video didn’t have an affable interview at the end to put everything into context and show that he was just screwing around to make a bunch of kids happy, so I’m going post this video in good spirits and keep imagining James was having flashbacks to every time he’s ever been in the playoffs when he was dunking on that sixth grader.

Dirk Nowitzki should put up YouTube videos of him draining fadeaway jumpers over a bunch of elementary school students just to rub it in. Come on, Funny or Die, do your job.

[h/t Hair of the Dog Sports Blog]

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