This Week In, Uh, Brutal Lingerie Football League Hits

07.02.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

lingerie football league

If you’re familiar with the Lingerie Football League, you’ll know they have two speeds:

1. “Look at the sexy ladies, guys!”
2. borderline WorldStarHipHop-level ultra violence

So yeah, sometimes it’s about looking at desperate model asses, but it is also sometimes about bench-clearing coach brawls, womb punching and weird pervert fights in the stands.

That said, please try to enjoy the lingerie-clad ass of Ashley Salerno as she brutally ends rookie receiver Kelley Schroeder. Or just admire the hit. I don’t know what people do when they watch Lingerie Football.

Ouch. It hurts even more when you aren’t wearing clothes!

As a bonus, here’s the awesomely hyperbolic, Ronnie Lott name-dropping YouTube description:

If you have a weak stomach or your name is Roger Goodell, DO NOT press PLAY. This hit proves that old-school black-and-blue football is still alive. Los Angeles’ ‘stud’ Ashley Salerno who’s WOW clip earlier in the year showed her destroying Chicago’s Ali Alberts. This round, a Ronnie Lott-like hit in her role as Safety on Vegas’ rookie receiver Kelley Schroeder. Despite Salerno hitting with her shoulder not her helmet, Salerno was flagged following the play under the LFL’s ‘defenseless receiver rule’.

What is this, a Lingerie Football League clip or a Grindhouse film? Her guts didn’t fall out, she just got knocked down.

[h/t to Los That Sports]

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