Tony Romo Is Reportedly Replacing Phil Simms At CBS

UPDATE (4/4): With Romo retiring and jumping into broadcasting, the marriage with CBS is reportedly now a reality.

Via the Sports Business Journal – as first reported by Ian Rapoport – the former Cowboys quarterback is in line to replace Phil Simms at CBS.

Tony Romo will be a TV analyst with CBS next season, according to sources. A deal has yet to be signed, but CBS and Romo have reached a verbal agreement. The Cowboys QB is expected to replace Phil Simms as the net’s top game analyst, where he will be paired with Jim Nantz. CBS outbid Fox Sports for Romo’s services, sources said.

Tony Romo is unhappy with the Dallas Cowboys, and some people think CBS is ready to make him very happy.

Rumors are swirling that Romo could be the next Simms on the CBS football broadcast if the Cowboys quarterback decides to retire before next season.

Ian Rapoport tweeted about the potential switch on Wednesday as the former starter’s fate flutters helplessly in the breeze.

Romo taking his talents to television would reportedly cause a bidding war between networks, and giving him the top color spot on CBS would obviously be a pretty persuasive incentive so long as he doesn’t mind the occasional Thursday night broadcast.

Romo is currently not saying much about what he’ll do if he is traded or released, but it’s clear the Cowboys are mulling their options with the 36-year-old signal caller. It seemed likely that Romo would get released earlier this month, but that never happened. Now we’re drifting toward the NFL Draft, and his fate remains undecided.

I’m sure Jerry Jones and the Cowboys would take him signing on with CBS over seeing him elsewhere in the NFC. And when it comes to CBS’s broadcast, some would say that Simms is, um, ripe for replacement. Even on Sundays full of run-of-the-mill platitudes and mindless former player drivel, he’s often one of the toughest listens. Romo would be a boost to the network’s top team for sure, and they could always throw him on a bunch of Bills games further down the card to get him warmed up for next season if they wanted to give Simms a season to say goodbye.

Besides, if Romo does retire and head to CBS, he’ll still have plenty of chances to throw that football around—his sons are definitely prime targets.