Jerry Jones Is Confident That Tony Romo Would Never Sign With A Rival Team

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At this point, the writing is plainly on the wall that Dak Prescott is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback of the future, and that Tony Romo — who will be 37 next season and has somehow been with the Cowboys for 13 years now — is not in the long-term plans of America’s Team.

Romo is still confident — he’s never been lacking in confidence! — that he can still be a productive NFL quarterback, and for that reason, it’s expected that he’ll soon ask for his release from the Cowboys. Which they will prooooobably grant. In fact, he may not even need to ask, depending on the sort of plan Dallas puts together for the next season.

But whatever they end up working out — if that means he sticks around as a valuable veteran quarterback and/or glorified assistant QB coach, or if he hits the trail, team owner Jerry Jones believes that Romo’s final destination will be “mutually beneficial” for both him and the Cowboys.

I can’t imagine this really amounts to much either way, of course. It doesn’t really seem like Philadelphia, Washington, or New York would be falling over themselves to bring in Romo, and as long as the Cowboys keep thriving under Prescott, Dallas fans would sure get a kick out of lustily booing CRAVEN TRAITOR TONY ROMO.

But hell, maybe I’m terribly wrong. Maybe the Giants are hell-bent on a fearsome quarterback tandem of Eli Manning and Tony Romo in 2017. BFFs with INTs.