Tony Romo Tried To Get His Sons To Play Catch And It Ended In A Meltdown

Tony Romo has joined Instagram and is already creating video gems involving his kids. After what amounted to a year off from football as Dak Prescott took his job and ran with it, Romo has opted for adorable videos involving his sons instead of dark, brooding videos where he speaks directly into the phone about aging and how darkness will one day envelop us all.

Romo has his sons playing football, forgetting their lines, saying things like “wide receiver” in that cute way kids say stuff. It’s a strong debut, but it’s also such a good video that it’s allowing everyone else to make jokes.

Yeah, some of the jokes are at the expense of a crying child, but it’s fine.

Any time you can equate a crying child to a crying Terrell Owens, you have to do it.

The only reason you feel bad for Romo is this is his offseason. He finally gets away from Dez Bryant and he still has a crying wide receiver getting into his face after not making a catch. Could this possibly be Romo’s way of preparing for an upcoming season with Odell Beckham after signing with the New York Giants?

Then again, Romo may be jealous of his oldest son, who gets to throw to a wide receiver that’s taller than Cole Beasley.