A Tigers Outfielder Responded To Booing Hometown Fans With A Big Middle Finger

With the Detroit Tigers leading 6-0 against the A’s on Monday night, Oakland’s Marcus Semien lofted an easy fly ball to center field. Tyler Collins was in immediate trouble, as he clearly could not track the ball.

It landed and rolled around, allowing Semien to reach third base on a gift double and an error by left fielder Justin Upton.

The crowd booed, but hey, no big deal, right? The Tigers are cruising and oh no…

Collins chose to flip the bird to the fans at Comerica Park because he doesn’t have to take that. Don’t you know who he is? He’s Tyler Collins, the guy with five home runs in 236 career at-bats who you almost definitely never heard of until clicking this story.

Collins apologized after the game, although it was one of those, “I don’t want to hear boos at home, but yeah I apologize I guess” apologies.

The league is reviewing the obscene gesture.

It’s sort of great to the PR person who releases that statement. “We will review the gesture.” Really? Review? It’s a guy giving the finger. You haven’t watched it already? It’s not the Godfather trilogy. You could have watched it 8,000 times before the game ended. You could have told everyone right away the fine or suspension that’s coming.

But I guess we all know how Collins will react to negative feedback.

(Fox Sports Detroit)