Did Max Kellerman Go Too Far In His Post-Fight Interview With Manny Pacquiao?

One of the more odd stories coming out of last night’s Mayweather vs. Pacquiao superfight stems from the post-fight interview by Max Kellerman with Manny Pacquiao. Judging from the reaction by people on Twitter, you would think Kellerman had spit in Manny’s face and damned his name in front of the crowd.

The clip above, shared by ZProphet_MMA, tells a different story in my opinion. I’ve seen countless interviews, particularly on HBO boxing, and it didn’t really seem too out of the ordinary. Still people are either claiming that Kellerman is biased to Mayweather — the guy who jetted to Showtime and has had it out with HBO boxing interviewers in the past — or that he’s somehow rude to Pacquiao.

Kellerman took to Twitter to address the critics of his interview:

I think I would’ve been upset if Max Kellerman had gone too soft on Pacquiao, but I also don’t think he roughed him up. This is far from a Jim Gray interview, even though it seems people want it to be treated like one.

(Via For The Win)