Who Is The Highest Paid Female Athlete In The World?

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08.13.14 5 Comments
Maria Sharapova

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Seven of the ten highest paid female athletes in the world are tennis players. One is a golfer, one is a figure skater and one is Danica Patrick and frankly, I’m not even sure what she does at this point. So who tops the list at $24.4 Million? Here’s a hint. She is the highest paid female athlete 10 years running. She has sponsorship deals with Nike, Cole Haan, Samsung, Tag Heur and Evian among others. She launched her own line of candy called Sugarpova and oops, I sorta gave it away, didn’t I?

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2013 - Day 4

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Sharapova made $22 million in endorsements and $2.4 million on the court in 2013-2014. Right on her heels is Li Na at $23.6 million. Serena rounds out the $20 million club at $22 million.

The strangest addition to the list is figure skater Kim Yuna. Because of the Sochi Olympics, Yuna pocketed $16 million in earnings and boasts a dozen corporate sponsors.

Paula Creamer rounds out the list at a “paltry” $5.5 million.


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