With Leather’s Watch This: The Ballad Of Vick Ballard And The Bald Indianapolis Colts

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11.08.12 3 Comments

Way to be, Sergio Brown*.

As most of already realize, the purpose of these Thursday Night Football games on the NFL Network is to show other networks like TNT, TBS, USA, BET, ION, WE, LOGO, etc. how much money they could be making buy giving the NFL a few billion dollars to air games during the week. But holy hell, Roger Goodell. Can you throw us a bone on these Turd-of-the-Week games like the one tonight?

I don’t mean any disrespect to the Indianapolis Colts, because I definitely love what they’re doing and their fire right now, but how did the Jacksonville Jaguars get anything but a 1 PM game on Sunday? I mean, Chiefs/Chargers was a pretty awful matchup, but now we get the Jags? Ugh.

*That is, unless Brown has one of those religious reasons for not shaving his head like when George O’Leary wanted Atari Bigby to cut his dreadlocks while he was at UCF, but he couldn’t because he’s Rastafarian.

Thursday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts at the Jacksonville Jaguars – 8:20 PM ET on NFL Network

Okay, it's not horrible.

As for the game, let’s go Vick Ballard. I need a big game out of this guy I’d never heard of until a few weeks ago, not because I’m in a desperate situation, but because I like it when unknown players suddenly come out of nowhere. And I also like it when they’re starting in my flex spot.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Chicago Bulls – 8 PM ET on TNT

I made a joke about this on Twitter the other day, but I’m pretty serious about it now – last year’s NBA lockout made me realize how boring the standard season is. I really miss three days in a row of not just my team playing, but all of the good teams. So make this a memo to the NHL: If the owners and players ever reach an agreement (they won’t, but I like to pretend) make every team play two games per day. No rest. That will make the fans happy.

NBA: L.A. Clippers at Portland Trail Blazers – 10:30 PM ET on TNT

I don’t have any actual insight to offer on either of tonight’s games, but I have Nicolas Batum and Kevin Durant on my fantasy basketball team in a league against a bunch of famous blogger know-it-alls, so I would like them to do well, so I can beat DJ Gallo this week and then Matt Ufford next week. If that happens, I’ll finally be able to call the prom queen from high school and tell her I amounted to something.

And I just want to include this GIF.

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