You Guys, We Should Be Watching Hockey

As we touched on yesterday, the NHL and NBC are having a little trouble getting people to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, mainly because New Jersey and Los Angeles don’t have the biggest fan bases, but also because nobody knows what channel the games are on. It also doesn’t help that the NBA has ridiculous conference finals series happening right now either.
But something happened during last night’s Game 4 of the Cup, and I’m not talking about the Devils mustering everything they had to pull out a 3-1 victory and stay alive against the molten-lava-hot Kings. I’m talking about the epic juggery (above) that showed up next to Devils coach Peter DeBoer’s head.
Turns out them chesticles belong to none other than adult film starlet Tay Stevens, and I’d like to take this moment to send an important memo to the NHL brass – MORE PORN STARS AT GAMES, PLEASE. After the jump, get to know Stevens a little better (semi-SFW) thanks to her Twitter account.

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