Here Are The Sneakers You Need To Know About This Summer

06.07.17 1 year ago 6 Comments

You know what time it is — sky is brighter, days are longer, sun is hotter, sleeves are shorter (or gone altogether). Summer is here, but more importantly summer sneakers are here. And that means more opportunities to get some fresh, limited-time-only fits. Whether hitting the beach, lounging poolside, or taking in the arts and nightlife that flourish in the warm weather, more people will be out. And summer crowds mean larger audience for unique styles, bright colors, and off-the-wall patterns — because as everybody knows, the most important part of any ensemble are the shoes.

Since sneaker culture hit the blogs in the middle of the last decade, it has exploded in popularity. Now, everyone from grandma to the local garbage man is flexing the latest, rarest heat on their feet. Uproxx took a look around, and found the models, colorways, and brands that are sure to be on fire during the summer months. These are the seven kicks you need to know about, and knowing is half the hustle — the rest is tracking them down and finding something to set them off.

Nike Cortez OG

I might be biased, I don’t know. South Central Los Angeles has a long, complex history with this particular model, but that’s beside the point. The point is, that this shoe — simply put — defines summer time. No air bubble here. You won’t see any flashy tech, complicated construction, or bubble gum colors either, but the Cortez never needed them. The summer is all about simplicity; less is more. Less clothing, less responsibility, less stress. This particular look has it all: Clean lines, an uncomplicated colorway, and a philosophy not entirely unlike that of its most popular promoter, Forrest Gump. You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. If they’ve got on a pair of Cortez this summer, you know at least one thing: They’ve got impeccable taste. Bonus points if you nabbed the LBC/CPT pairs, but watch out. Infinite street cred is earned, not bought.

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