The Five Best Shoes Dropping This Week, Featuring The Y-3 Adidas Runner 4D


I don’t know if SNX will ever be able to justify recommending a shoe that exceeds $1,000. This is something I struggle with from week to week, and this week marks the closest I’ve ever come from breaking that self-imposed vow. The Dior B23 High Top Sorayama sneaker is dope. It combines a Chuck Taylor inspired silhouette, with translucent upper overlays, and an upper consisting of Dior branding, floral print… oh yeah, and a graphic of a goddamn robot dinosaur.

Those are the ingredients for awesome, folks. But alas… they also retail for $1,050. For sneakers? That last maybe a season if worn even semi-regularly? Get out of here with that, Dior!

While I’m suffering from an existential crisis about luxury footwear we still have a week full of great shoes to dive into. Best of all, they won’t cost you a small fortune. Unless you buy all of them. Don’t do that — unless of course, you can. In which case, remember who keyed you in on the best of the week. Here are the five best sneakers dropping this week that aren’t the Dior B23s!