SNX: The Best Shoes Dropping This Week, Featuring The Shoe Dog Nike Cortez Collection

07.24.19 1 month ago


Nike has had quite the week — scooping four spots of our top five this week. The only brand able to match what they’re delivering this week is Reebok, with their absolutely insane Revenge of Ruì release. While we always strive for brand diversity in SNX, we have to give credit where credit is due and Nike is just killing it right now.

If you’re an Adidas, Asics, or, I don’t know, Vans fanatic, you might be tempted to click away. Don’t. Believe me when I say Nike dominated the week. Though I should mention, had we not previously covered Adidas awesome Beastie Boy’s collaboration, it would’ve definitely made this list.

Here are all the best shoes out this week featuring my favorite release of the year, the awesome Shoe Dog Cortez Collection, let’s dive in.

Nike Classic Cortez Shoe Dog Collection


The Nike Cortez is probably hands-down, my favorite sneaker, it’s also Nike’s first running shoe ever released. As outlined in Nike Founder Phil Knight’s book, Shoe Dog, the Cortez went through a variety of designs before Nike finally pinned down the final look of the iconic shoe and, thanks to the Shoe Dog collection, we finally get to enjoy three early designs.

Before Nike was Nike, they had a few other names for the brand in mind, the choices were between Nike, Falcon, and Dimension Six, and, as such, each name is represented here in the Shoe Dog Collection. Featuring a streamlined, slimmed-down single leather upper, the Cortez Shoe Dog Collection consists of the Falcon, which replaces the Nike Swoosh with a — you guessed it — falcon, the Dimension Six which features a blue strip with a red dot reading Dimension Six in place of the Swoosh, and the Nike Cortez 72 which features Carolyn Davidson’s original slim Swoosh design.

My money will be going to the Dimension Six version. Hands down no contest.

The Nike Classic Cortez Shoe Dog Collection drops today with each pair retailing for $120. Pick up a pair of the Classic Cortez, Dimension 6 Cortez, or Falcon Cortez on Nike’s site.



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