Adventure-Focused Style Brands For A Spring And Summer Spent Outdoors

Shhh, do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of thousands of people making plans for late spring and early summer vacations as millions of Americans get vaccinated each day. Yes, it still seems surreal to say it, but it looks like we’re actually going to have a summer this year. Okay, maybe not as many overseas adventures as usual, but certainly domestic travel seems in the cards.

Think tons of road trips. Think van life. Think National Parks galore.

Meaning now is as good a time as any to get all geared up with your favorite travel fits, to ensure that whether you’re hitting the trail, climbing a mountain, or just exploring your neighborhood, you look fresh and ready for any adventure that may befall you.

There are tons of outdoor-focused style companies out there right now, so many that it’s hard to filter through them all. So we narrowed it down to a tight 20 brands — all functional, fashionable, and sure to keep you looking as fresh when the great outdoors call.

And Wander

Japanese outdoor brand And Wander comes from the design team of Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori and manages to strike that perfect balance between tech-focused functionality and street-ready style. With an expansive women’s and men’s wear line, And Wander’s collections generally consists of light outerwear that looks as good on the mountain trails as it does on the city streets

Shop And Wander here.


Canada-based brand Arc’teryx focuses primarily on tech-focused outerwear for extreme environments, whether you need lightweight climbing gear, or something warm enough to fend off a severe blizzard. If you’re all about slim silhouettes, Arc’teryx is your brand, as even their heavier jackets still manage to look sleek and flattering while offering the tech you need to meet the environments you’re traversing.

Shop Arc’teryx here.


The originators of the waxed cotton jacket, where would adventure outwear be without Barbour?

While the brand has serious workwear roots (sailors and fishermen were the label’s first audience) it’s easy to forget that, as the brand is now more associated with a sort of luxurious Ivy-League scene. But grabbing a waxed cotton jacket is a smart and stylish option for those of us who want to keep dry on our outdoor adventures, but don’t need to tech-heavy support of something sporting GORE-TEX fabrics.

Shop Barbour here.


We almost considered not including Columbia on this list because, well… who hasn’t heard of Columbia? It’s one of the biggest outdoors-focused streetwear-adjacent brands out there. But in the event that this brand managed to sail under your radar, here it is!

Portland-based Columbia produces high-quality and affordable outerwear. It’s not the flashiest of brands out there, but Columbia has a pretty strong reputation for being one of the best (and earliest) tech-focused brands. And thanks to some high profile collaborations with streetwear brands like KITH, Columbia has never looked as stylish as it does right now.

Shop Columbia here.

Dandy Del Mar

Okay, so Dandy Del Mar isn’t exactly an adventure brand and the label will do absolutely nothing to protect you from the elements, but if you’re looking for some leisurewear that matches the vibe of your beach vacation, Dandy Del Mar is your jam. Think of them like “post-surf clothes.”

You’re going to need something to wear while you’re sitting poolside relaxing after a morning in the waves, and Dandy Del Mar will help ensure that no matter where you’re at, you’ll look like you’re chilling at a resort, cocktail nearby.

Shop Dandy Del Mar here.

Eddie Bauer

Established in 1920 by the Pacific Northwestern outdoorsman that shares the brand’s name, Seattle-based Eddie Bauer has been producing outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear for over 100 years now. While the brand has had its ups and downs financially, the quality has never wavered — with a tech-focused approach that’ll have you adequately geared up for any environment.

If you’re taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer, you could wear any of these brands, but copping some Eddie Bauer just feels right.

Shop Eddie Bauer here.

El Cosmico Provision CO

Whether you’re looking for straight-up camping gear or just want a sick robe to step out of your tent in, El Cosmico has you covered. Based in the high deserts of Marfa Texas, El Cosmico’s apparel has a rugged military vibe to it, offering a variety of patch-heavy jackets and outerwear in more shades of green than you could ever hope for.

This brand is less tech-focused and more along the lines of a vintage label, so this probably isn’t the best brand to shop from if you’re looking for something that will hold up in more extreme environments.

Shop El Cosmico Provision CO here.


Maker of every college kid’s favorite backpack, Swedish-based label Fjällräven (which is Swedish for Arctic Fox) also produces outerwear in addition to their bags and other outdoor equipment. Fjällräven has a deep commitment to sustainability, the brand’s patchwork-heavy Samlaren line is constructed from leftover fabrics — which helps to eliminate waste while also creating products that are a bit more limited and rare.

These repurposed pieces feel like collector’s items in a way, appealing to the exclusivity-obsessed streetwear crowd while simultaneously trying to lessen the insane amount of waste that comes as a byproduct to the fashion industry.

Shop Fjällräven here.


CBD heads and stoners rejoice, there is an outdoor brand for you and they’re called Jungmaven. Another brand that holds sustainability in high regard, Junmaven produces t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, tank tops, and other outwear completely out of hemp. There aren’t any compromises here when it comes to style, and given hemp’s smaller carbon footprint in comparison to cotton, Jungmaven makes a strong case for why more fashion brands need to look towards hemp to offset the waste they produce.

Shop Junmaven here.


Switzerland-based brand Mammut is for serious adventures. The brand has been kicking for more than 150 years, producing high-quality tech-focused outerwear for adventurers of all stripes. Mammut’s clothing is generally composed of various tough and functional fabrics that are designed to keep you from getting beat up while you’re scaling a mountain, or sliding down a narrow trail, with slim and flattering silhouettes in vibrant colorways for increased visibility.

Shop Mammut here.


This Colorado-based brand is serious about its outwear, offering Gore-TEX-equipped fabrics and other outdoor gear, whether you’re hitting the hiking trail, camping overnight, or engaging in some physically demanding winter sports.

Extreme conditions or light and easy “soft adventures” — Marmot’s got you covered.

Shop Marmot here.


Another Japanese-based brand (The best outerwear and streetwear comes from Japan if you haven’t realized that yet, you’re sleeping), Nanamica’s designs come from the mind of Eiichiro Homma, who has been producing next-level performance-driven outwear since 2003. While Nanamica has definitely got the tech, the vibe of the brand is much more casual, which is perfect for those of us looking for a fit for a weekend camping trip and not a full-blown adventure.

The silhouettes here are looser and more modern, offering a baggy and comfort-focused fit.

Shop Nanamica here.

The North Face

What would an outdoors fashion article be without some mention of The North Face. The legendary brand and streetwear staple makes some of the best and most stylish outdoor gear on the market, with a hefty price tag to match. Yes, some of the dopest North Face pieces will cost you a pretty penny, but the brand’s offerings are a true investment, this stuff will be kicking around your wardrobe for as long as you want it to.

For more stylish offerings, check out The North Face’s Purple Label, which tends to be a bit more streetwear-focused and modern.

Shop The North Face here.

Outdoor Research

The boringly named Outdoor Research is anything but. This adventure brand delivers some serious outdoor-centric tech that looks as good as it functions. The Seattle-based brand manufactures everything from outerwear to legit rock and ice climbing gear, made with an active lifestyle in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling through white water rapids or skiing through the backcountry, Outdoor research was made to keep you safe and clothed throughout your entire journey.

Shop Outdoor Research here.


Patagonia is a mountaineering and climbing-focused outdoor brand with probably the most iconic logo in the entire outdoors-wear fashion space. Even if you’ve never worn a piece of Patagonia gear, you’ve probably seen the famous mountain silhouette logo on a bumper sticker somewhere, and that’s because Patagonia is a reliable brand that puts tech, ecology, and functionality above all else, but still looks so good doing it.

Shop Patagonia here.


PrAna isn’t really an adventure brand so much as it is a yoga and travel brand. The label produces quality sustainable clothing designed to keep you at your most comfortable, which is always nice on hikes or light adventures.

While yoga is the brand’s main focus, their outdoor wear utilizes the same stretchy lightweight fabric, which should keep you ultra-comfortable. A great option for those of us who are reluctantly setting off on our first adventures outdoors after a year of quarantine.

Shop PrAna here.


REI, short for Recreational Equipment INC, is a straight-up co-op, offering everything from sporting goods to camping gear, travel equipment, clothing, and educational courses. REI is another brand that makes clothing geared toward serious climbers and backpackers but features a playful and colorful aesthetic that doesn’t go too heavy for function over fashion.

It’s also fairly affordable, which is always a plus when it comes to outdoor wear.

Shop REI here.

Stone Island

The only Italian-based brand on this outerwear list, Stone Island is a bit of an anomaly as it has roots in the luxury wear space, meaning it’s probably the only brand on this list that explicitly values fashion over function. That’s not always a bad thing, either. Sure, a Stone Island jacket can’t accompany you on your off-the-grid adventure, but you can wear it on the trail and immediately head to city for drinks with friends without the need to swap fits — still turning heads no matter where you go.

Stone Island makes your walking path a luxurious runway, and that’s rare.

Shop Stone Island here.


Teätora isn’t as tech-focused as the other brands on this list, but the brand does cater to the traveler, offering a comfort-focused line of apparel that features a minimalistic all-black aesthetic. Teätora’s silhouettes and cuts are highly modern, so not everyone is going to be able to rock these fits convincingly, but if you like taking fashion risks, this is your brand.

Shop Teätora here.

White Mountaineering

White Mountaineering is already a giant in the streetwear space thanks to several high-profile collaborations with Adidas, but the brand isn’t just borrowing an outdoor aesthetic for the looks, Yosuke Aizawa’s brand is bringing the tech and fine craftsmanship too. White Mountaineering goes all out, utilizing elaborate jacquard weaves, and hand-sewn embroidery to a space that is rightly criticized as being a little too utilitarian, expertly combining more design-focused techniques with high-performance textiles like Gore-TEX.

The North Face may be the biggest brand in the outer-wear-meets-streetwear scene, but White Mountaineering is the coolest.

Shop White Mountaineering here.