Men’s Fall Fashion Picks To Help You Ready Yourself For Cold Weather

Fall has always been synonymous with renewal. School is back in session, new TV shows pop up and the NFL comes roaring back. For all the resolutions and “starting over” talk that dominates the 1st of January, it’s really the fall months that reset the world.

For those of us who actually live in places that have four distinct seasons, fall comes into your life with a tangible impact. Leave turns colors and going out with a T-shirt is no longer an option. The style world reasserts itself during this time of year. To get you ready for the most important part of the year, we’ve selected all the sartorial choices we think will resonate most.

Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid Smartwatch — $175

For those of us who desire up-to-date gadgetry, but find wearable tech to be garish, this smart watch by Skagen will solve major problems. For this “Goldilocks” demo you’ll be hard pressed to find a timepiece both stately enough to wear with any formal outfit, but one that doesn’t sacrifice any wow factor. Leather strap? Check. Bluetooth connectivity? Check. Email and text notifications? Check. Activity tracking? Check.

If you want to live your best life, here’s how you get started.

Nobis Jamison Jacket — $475

Fall is romanticized in movies, but don’t ever forget: It is called fall because that’s exactly what the temperature does. There’s always a point before winter kicks your door down, but after the warmth of September fades, where the weather is dicey. One day the high is 70 degrees, then two days later it’s 49 degrees and breezy. Windproof and complete with a quilt liner, the Jamison jacket is versatile enough for all endeavors.

Quay Blaze Aviators — $65

Who cares what the analytics or polling says, aviators will never go out of style. Rising Australian sunglass brand Quay certainly doesn’t think so. Their latest offering is another testament to aviator’s long-lasting qualities. Complete with oversized lenses and a metal frame, these will quickly become your everyday pair of shades. Sure, we could say more, but just look at how cool these are. You see it right?

Scotch & Soda Wool Blanket Jacket — $295

There are sweaters that are sweaters and then are sweaters that are statement pieces. The Wool Blanket Jacket is the latter. With cool extras like metal hook closures and inner pockets, this is the smart guy’s sweater of choice.

Wear it as a top layer or under a coat when the temp drops and try NOT to stunt.

Timbuk2 Co-Pilot Luggage Roller — $225

Midweek business trips require clothes for the day and evening. Meaning you’ll need a suitcase roomy enough to fit everything, but not so big that you’ll be forced to go to baggage claim. The Co-Pilot has a clamshell interior ideal for keeping clean clothes separate and several compartments perfect for immediate access.

Freenote Cloth 20 oz. Portola Denim — $230

If you know anything about Freenote Cloth, you know the California-based company takes tremendous pride in the jeans they produce. The Portola slowly forms to your body over time, becoming more comfortable the more often you wear them. Complete with flat-felled seams and a sophisticated look, these are investment jeans, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Aldo FREIWIA Sneakers — $150

Sneakers (or kicks or tennis shoes or whatever quaint regional designation you adhere to) broke out of the athletic category years ago, but their mainstream momentum shows no signs of quitting. Dipping their feet into the upscale sneaker demo, retailer Aldo is presenting The Freiwia — a smart show that paints an arrogant silhouette in a world of safe all-white footwear. The gradient shades of navy are dope enough, but it’s the pops of tan that really raise the bar with these.

Burton Mallet Jacket — $149

Burton is so entrenched at the top of winter activities pyramid, that if they eased up, few would even notice. The fact that they never push the relax button is why the brand has so many loyalists. Their apparel is equal parts utilitarian devotion and genre-busting style leaps. Every season they drop something worth adding to your closet. We obviously think the Mallet Bomber is one of this season’s additions.

Mbarqgo Medicus Doctor Bag — $275

The summer is glorified as weekend trip time, but last-minute getaways work just as fine in months that end in “ber.” Don’t think that throwing everything in an old book bag is going to impress your lady friend. If you’re on point in every other aspect, makes sense to continue. The Medicus, with its cotton structure & leather handles, has a stately charm to it. This is how you go straight from the office to the countryside without skipping a single beat.

New Republic Trevor Chelsea Boots — $99

Fall weather forces you to update your wardrobe. It’s trickier to get away with the same schlub-bro look that passes for acceptable when it’s 90 degrees out. Fall equals refinement… or at least an attempt at it. This is especially true when you go out at night. You need something that will smooth out your look a bit. Chelsea boots have occupied that spot for a few years now. New Republic makes a great pair, so grab ‘em and wear them with everything.