Men’s Fall Fashion Picks To Help You Ready Yourself For Cold Weather

09.12.17 6 months ago


Fall has always been synonymous with renewal. School is back in session, new TV shows pop up and the NFL comes roaring back. For all the resolutions and “starting over” talk that dominates the 1st of January, it’s really the fall months that reset the world.

For those of us who actually live in places that have four distinct seasons, fall comes into your life with a tangible impact. Leave turns colors and going out with a T-shirt is no longer an option. The style world reasserts itself during this time of year. To get you ready for the most important part of the year, we’ve selected all the sartorial choices we think will resonate most.

Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid Smartwatch — $175


For those of us who desire up-to-date gadgetry, but find wearable tech to be garish, this smart watch by Skagen will solve major problems. For this “Goldilocks” demo you’ll be hard pressed to find a timepiece both stately enough to wear with any formal outfit, but one that doesn’t sacrifice any wow factor. Leather strap? Check. Bluetooth connectivity? Check. Email and text notifications? Check. Activity tracking? Check.

If you want to live your best life, here’s how you get started.

Nobis Jamison Jacket — $475


Fall is romanticized in movies, but don’t ever forget: It is called fall because that’s exactly what the temperature does. There’s always a point before winter kicks your door down, but after the warmth of September fades, where the weather is dicey. One day the high is 70 degrees, then two days later it’s 49 degrees and breezy. Windproof and complete with a quilt liner, the Jamison jacket is versatile enough for all endeavors.

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