Jared Muros Looks Back On The Best Streetwear Fits He Saw In 2023

It’s 2024 and Jared Muros is already out here in the streets, profiling the world’s most fashionable people, running toy drives and clothing giveaways, and vibing with the people. We’ve profiled this self-made fashion icon, musician, model, casting director, interviewer, and content creator (Muros does everything, that’s literally his Instagram bio) before and found that, of his many talents, perhaps top among them is his unique way of penetrating into the person behind the look. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality in the way they dress and Muros nails that in his interviews.

Let us be clear here, we don’t mean the clothes you wear or the brands you represent — anyone can buy a brand — we’re talking about the way you style it. The way people consciously (or subconsciously) express themselves through fashion. Muros can spot that in a second, which is why his best content sees him interfacing with the most stylish people he finds on the streets.

2023 saw Muros’ star rise rapidly. He did a shoot with Adidas and launched his own EmoInion backpack and it’s taken him to a lot of places, from his hometown in Los Angeles to New York City Fashion Week, San Francisco, Miami, Paris, and more. Next year, Muros plans on continuing his travels, taking things to Europe, Japan, Toronto and Mexico.

“Traveling the world, looking at all the different outfits and the styles people have to offer has been an eye-opening experience for what I do, not just culturally, but fashion-wise. Everywhere is so different,” says Muros.

So to check the pulse on what people are wearing around the world as the new year gets kicking in full, we hit up Muros to look back on 11 of his favorite fits of 2023 and provide some brief commentary about what makes them work. Let’s dive in!

Jared Muros’ Favorite Fits Of 2023 (In No Particular Order)

I’m going to start with this video of these two guys that I found in New York, this was back in February in front of one of the most coveted fashion stores, Second Street. I love both of the specific outfits because it’s the perfect mix of high-end fashion and everyday clothes.

This first dude is wearing an LGB jacket, which is a very high-end fashion brand with Dickies shorts that you could literally buy for $15. The other guy is wearing Dirk Bikkembergs shoes, and then he’s mixing it up with a Band-Aid. It’s just a perfect mix of high-end with the streets.

This next one is a girl that I found in New York during Fashion Week. Her entire outfit was thrifted or inexpensive, but it looked high-end and something that you would see on the runway.

We’re going to move our way on to Miami, This is COZYRAF, he’s a really big content creator who does stuff in the fashion game. And I love this outfit because he got his hand on a pair of the brand new Rick Owens boots that just came out, the collaboration with Moncler, and he put the outfit together the day after.

This is a fit that you wouldn’t really see being worn in Miami just because of the weather. He’s wearing fuzzy boots. He’s wearing a jacket, but he just makes it work, and it does give a cool, futuristic, alien-esque vibe.

Next, we’re coming back to Los Angeles at Camp Flog Gnaw Music Festival when I did a fit check with Nardwuar. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a huge interviewer who’s been doing interviews and stuff in the music scene since the nineties, so being able to get an outfit video with him was definitely amazing, and just seeing his style, just being older and still keeping it young and fresh, he’s been dressing the same way like his entire life in every single interview, which is pretty dope.

Next, we’re keeping it up in Los Angeles. This is a video I did on the streets with this dude named Scar, and he’s just wearing a super down-to-earth, Los Angeles fit. And these are the type of outfits that I really love because it shows what people are actually wearing in the streets of LA and not just the areas of LA where all the transplants are. This is real East LA, Boyle Heights area with the red, and he’s wearing the Dickies, the Nike Cortez’s, and that’s just what makes his outfit perfect.

Next, we’re hitting Paris. This is a video I did in front of the Rick Owens runway fashion show. This represents what makes Europe and Paris great when it comes to Fashion Week because this kid was wearing an entire high-end customized fashion outfit, but he didn’t know anything he was wearing. A lot of it, he’s like, “Hey, my parents gave it to me. I’m just coming to the show with them. Don’t know what I’m wearing.” But that’s just kind of how it is out there with the high-end, old-money fashion.

His mom was wearing a completely amazing custom piece.

We’re bringing it back to New York here with one of my friends, Tatiana, and I thought that this was funny because she was just coming out of the ambulance. She got a little sick, and as soon as she was coming out, she still had her outfit from Fashion Week, coming back from the runway. I think it’s hilarious.

We’re going up to the Bay in San Francisco with this guy that I interviewed. His name was Little Foot, he told me, but he was wearing custom diabetic shoes, but he just made it work perfectly with everything that he was wearing. The customized patchwork, his hat, the pants, and everything, this isn’t an outfit that you can just go into the store and buy. This is just really his vibe and something that he created uniquely on his own. And it does scream “San Francisco” when you look at it.

We’re coming back to LA here with Chaos, Mr. Avant Garde. This is a very unique outfit, and I’ve not seen many people ever dress like this. He had a good mix of the super baggy pants, big chunky shoes, and the tiny, tiny sweater that’s just coming up to his chest with the boxers coming out, matching the JNCO, the orange with the oranges. He definitely has a unique look and style.

And then we’re going to Guadalajara, Mexico with this video that I did at a Carnaval in Tepabril. These little furry boots are something that you would see here in Hollywood or even in some of the places in New York. I also love the crazy makeup. She wore a customized tee. It really shows that fashion is a universal language. This video is in Spanish, but you don’t need to speak any specific language to understand what makes a good outfit or what makes somebody look good and feel good in their clothing.

We’re doing this video right here with Izzy, and it’s just a completely thrifted vintage outfit. I love the look. It gives me Jimi Hendrix vibes. You could tell that he loves the style that he’s wearing. He’s very passionate about everything he is wearing and I love his style. This is someone I personally know, and he dresses like this every single day, no matter what.

And the last outfit of the day is HUBANE in New York. This is all customized by him. He’s a fashion designer and I just think that it’s great because it gives very supervillain-uniqueness-fashion-high-end-runway vibes, and really, I’ve never seen a fashion brand do what he’s doing. So I really just want to salute him for literally being out on the streets every day wearing his clothes like this.